Our Past International Mission Trips

In the past our nonprofit organization has visited many different countries, where we were able to help provide education, hygiene products, food and love.

We have also started many small business in Dominican Republic and Egypt providing an opportunity to those who need it. 

We  also travelled to Bolivia, Kenya and Tanzania, We visited many  orphanages, hospitals, and very poor villages, providing hygiene products and food . We also ensured we took the time to fellowship with the people we visited; playing sports with the kids, engaging and inspiring the youth  and always promoting hope for a brighter future. 

We are now working on opening our first Inspire2Dream learning centre in Egypt, The process will begin in August 2019.




Kenya & Tanzania


Dominican Republic






Youth Mentorship Program (YMP)

Inspire2Dream works closely with  youth considered "at-risk". Our organization is highly favoured in the the court system in the Greater Toronto Area. We provide legal counsel and mentoring to rehabilitate at-risk youth.


Personal Development & Relationship Goals

We are proud to work with professional and experienced life success coaches who aim to help participants improve their everyday lives as well as  important relationships: family, friends and work colleagues.


Speaking Engagements

We have motivational speakers that tour universities, businesses and other establishments. They speak on their own upbringing and the obstacles they have faced as teens, where it led them, and how they were able to overcome those challenges. Our speakers messages centre around inspiring those who can relate to their struggles to believe in a brighter future As well as offer personal development programs.



Motivational Speaker & Life Success Coach

Born and raised in Toronto. Ontario. Kiro Shahata lost his mother at the age of 14 and started facing obstacles and barriers as a misguided youth that led to him being incarcerated for 2 years.

 Kiro is  now an award winning public speaker, successful entrepreneur, co-author and Founder of Inspire2Dream. His focus is to ignite and inspire the young generation to be able to dream beyond their wildest imagination, by offering youth mentorship programs.


Motivational Speaker & Life Success Coach

Kidane Campbelle   is a strong women’s ministry leader, girls club leader and educator for over 12 years. Her focus  is to inspire all women and girls to conquer their fears and overcome the obstacles of life such as self image, depression, domestic abuse, surviving divorce, single parenting and family matters. She has faced many of these hurdles herself and is inspired to help through  them. She also provides relationship counseling whether it be a spousal or parent-child relationship.

Using her specialized technique  and one-on-one coaching style she assists in enhancing the lives of all her clients